The KingStone Group has been operating in the field of extraction, processing and sale of natural stones for four generations, a culture since 1870 handed down by tradition of expert stonemasons and quarrymen. Over the years, the family has been involved in the cultivation and recovery of various marble and travertine quarries, in Italy and abroad. A first pink marble quarry was cultivated by the family in the 1950s on the slopes of Mount Soratte.

Since the 1970s, the Travertini Flaminia and Olimpica Marmi family companies have been involved in the cultivation of various deposits of Travertine and marble in Italy and Morocco. In the 1980s, the company Marmoelettromeccanica srl ​​was established, which today represents one of the largest Italian companies in the production of marble processing machines and diamond tools: Export to various countries of the world and multiple registered patents. Soc. Kingstone srl was born in 2002, a company dedicated to the production of marble and travertine finished products for building.

In 2010 the company Gammastone Srl was born which operates in the sector of lightened panels for ventilated facades, in short it has become one of the major world companies in the sector with its main patent “Gammastone AIR” certi ed by countless tests all over the world . Cava Grassano is the new frontier of the group, a peculiar quarry of a unique Travertine managed by the experience and enthusiasm of the fourth generation.


The group is synonymous with excellence and innovation, qualities that arise from over fifty years of experience in the stone industry and from a tireless commitment and dedication to the creation of products of the highest quality and strong exclusivity. The group is among the first ISO 9001 certified by imq (Italian quality mark institute), the most important Italian certification body and European leader in assessments and laboratory tests for safety, quality and sustainability. Although each company is autonomous in terms of corporate structure and products / services offered, the collaboration is total both in terms of staff skills and on a technical-industrial level. In many cases, cooperation takes on the appearance of a real “production chain”. The group operates in three different production plants and a single centralized office.

KINGSTONE® represents a modern and dynamic structure with deep knowledge of the stone sector. The company, established by the family group in 2002, boasts decades of consolidated experience in the natural stone sector and is synonymous with excellence and exclusivity, operates with seriousness and dedication and is known for the contribution of new ideas and winning solutions in the sector of building finishes. The main production plant, located a few kilometers from the Grassano quarry, combines traditional skills with the most modern machinery and technologies, in order to fully satisfy the technical, aesthetic and economic expectations of each customer. The production is subjected to rigorous controls to constantly guarantee the highest quality. Thanks to major investments and state awards, through the provision of incentives, in recent years Kingstone has strengthened and extended its offer on the market.
The area of ​​particular interest concerns:

• Travertine slabs
• Large format floors and walls in Roman Travertine
with GammaStone SKIN technology
• Customized open book coverings
• Modulmarmo

The continuous and professional training of the Technical Office has made it possible to respond very well to the various needs of individuals, architects and companies in the sector.

World leader in the construction of large slabs and monolithic elements for architecture, it is a modern and dynamic structure with a deep and consolidated experience in the natural stone sector. The company, thanks to its experience in the sector, has developed innovative technological thinking and the continuous search for exclusive engineering solutions capable of enhancing the materials in all their beauty for the realization of enchanting projects. It is the only company in the world able to supply elements already built in the laboratory ready for installation and, moreover, it is among the first ISO 9001 certified by IMQ, the most important Italian certification body, leader in Europe in the evaluation activity. compliance (safety, quality, sustainability) for Italy and abroad, a distinctive element of the excellence of Made in Italy. The internal production and organizational processes respect the strict rules of quality in order to constantly guarantee the highest quality standards. GammaStone products are built in compliance with the strict requirements of EOTA (European Organization for Technical Approvals), a primary European body that certifies the excellence of quality, confirming its suitability. GammaStone products have been selected for their originality, innovation and functionality and have received important awards.

Marmoelettromeccanica is one of the major Italian companies operating in the sector of the production of diamond tools for processing marble, granite, natural stone. In fact, thousands of operators all over the world testify to the validity of Marmoelettromeccanica products in terms of quality and versatility. These qualities are the result of forty years of experience, a tireless commitment and dedication to the creation of products of the highest quality. This success-oriented commitment has been recognized to Marmoelettromeccanica with the ISO 9001 certification. The company uses an organizational structure which, from the Italian headquarters, branches out in an articulated manner throughout the national territory to reach all the countries of the world. . Marmoelettromeccanica has obtained important awards from the Lazio Region, CCIIA, Consorzio Rome and Filas. Furthermore, it collaborates with important Italian universities in the field of technological and chemical research, La Sapienza University of Rome and the University of Tuscia in Viterbo. Marmoelettromeccanica stands out worldwide because it can boast multiple patents and utility models filed, extended and confirmed on an international scale in the stone sector, being convinced that the protection of intellectual property is the essential tool for the enhancement of investments in research. & Development, in continuous growth due to the growing technological complexity of new products. The company invests about 7% of its turnover every year to continuously propose important innovations and technologically advanced and rigorously protected solutions before filing the related patents.


The Group has always considered research and development as components of fundamental importance for corporate growth and the improvement of the technologies and products offered. Even today, large capital and human resources work continue to be invested in order to be able to constantly propose innovative solutions and to identify unique natural resources. Another distinctive element of the group’s philosophy is the continuous search for qualitative excellence and the enhancement of “Made in Italy”.