Gammastone SKIN 

Large natural travertine panels format for floors and walls

The panels are easy to move and transport thanks to their lightness which is due to the structural core inside that allow to reduce the weight respect to marble and natural stone. NATURAL SKIN XXL of large sizes are reinforced with fiberglass: a light, versatile and resistant material for creating new projects in the world of living.


NATURAL SKIN XXL is the new reality in the natural stone sector and represents a revolution in the use of stone for the design, architecture, interior and construction sectors, being adaptable to any type of surface, and enriching the desired object and the interior or facade. The panels are supplied in the following standard sizes: 1500x350mm, 2000x450mm, 2700x450mm, 2700x600mm up to 2900 × 600 mm with a thickness of 2 cm and can be cut with the regular discs.

Ideal for Indoor / Outdoor

Like all building materials that must be glued, there is no universal adhesive suitable for laying on any surface for NATURAL SKIN XXL. It is recommended to glue the panels with the classic Kerakoll type H40 cementitious adhesive, a flexible multi-purpose structural gel-adhesive for bonding all types of materials, even in extreme conditions, on all substrates and for any use, specific for laying. in laminate systems, ideal for low thickness and high flexibility slabs or Keraflex Mapei, a high-performance cementitious adhesive with extreme versatility of use, for laying ceramic tiles and stone material, including large formats and surfaces. Both products can be used indoors and outdoors for laying all types of ceramic tiles and natural stone, for overlapping ceramic tiles on existing floors and for laying floors subjected to intense traffic and heavy stress.