The Quarry 

Tha quarry is located 20 km north of Rome, in the area between the Treja river and Mount Soratte. The morphology of the deposit is tabular, slightly wedge-shaped and remains interspersed with the pyroclastic formations that characterize the general geology of the outcrop area. Travertines from Lazio can mostly be defined as thermogenic. Although they come from different areas and have variable thicknesses, they are closely connected to magmatic events that fit well into the genetic geological context of the formation of the Apennine chain. The age of the deposits is Pleistocene, ranging from 820,000 to 220,000 years.

Extraction stages   

The cultivation of the field takes place according to three main phases:

The primary phase consists in cutting horizontally the wall of the mountain with the chain saw that makes precise cuts at the base of the mountain penetrating like the blade of a knife.

The second phase consists in cutting vertically the wall of the mountain by a diamond wire machine, creating the bench. Once the bench is free from constrains it is pushed and dropped by means of inflate metallic balloons. On the ground the bench will suffer several breaks usually on the layers.

The third phase consists in the squaring of the blocks using the diamond wire, to remove defects and to allow selection according to further processing.


The company operates in compliance with all mandatory rules and good practice.

The degree of attention paid to the workers employed for whom objectives of maximum safety and comfort are pursued is significant. The company rigorously applies the provisions of Legislative Decree 624/96, of the Presidential Decree 128/59 and of the Legislative Decree. n. 81/2008.

Representative is compliance with BS OHSAS 18001: 1999, an international standard for the management of workers’ health and safety.


Kingtone has always considered fundamental, in carrying out its production and extraction activities, the needs of respect for the environment and in particular that of landscape protection aimed at restoring and preserving the quality of the territory.

The company adopts the innovative cultivation system “by sectors”, whereby the recovery of the area takes place at the same time as the extraction works. The quarry area of the cultivated sector is returned to its agricultural purpose already during the cultivation of the next sector.

Before the start of cultivation, the soils are subjected to geochemical analyzes in order to identify the “0” point not to be altered. Furthermore, in compliance with international environmental protection standards, all the guidelines of the UNI EN ISO 14001: 2015 standard are adopted.