The Market Luxury Outlet, San Marino   

The Market – a luxury shopping center in the Republic of San Marino – will feature the Natural AIR system with Vicenza stone to achieve the architect’s unique vision, incorporating perforations, reliefs and other detailed elements. This large development consists of multiple buildings that wind along the site’s natural topography.

On an area of 25,000 square meters, a modern architecture develops that is respectful of the context of San Marino: shapes, materials and colors reflect those characteristic of the historic center of the capital. Respectful also of the environment: planning and construction are planned in accordance with the very strict international BREEAM certification. In addition to the variation of materials, the external facade towards the valley is volumetrically articulated through slight deviations between the different parts.

This device underlines the massive nature of the intervention and allows natural and artificial light to make the facade vibrate along its entire length. Also in the design of the settlement system, its shape and the shape of the individual buildings, simulation models have been used that have allowed us to optimize the opportunities offered by natural agents such as wind, sun and shade as well as respecting all the other technical and hygienic aspects.

Our production is characterized by quality artisan finishing which has made possible by an experienced and professional team. An innovative solution, in which GammaStone demonstrated talent and passion. The strategy of GammaStone is to pre-assemble all the elements in our factory, leaving the workers only the task of installing them on the substructure in the building site. This has significantly reduced the installation time and guaranteed an impeccable final result.

The Luxury Shopping Outlet THE MARKET will be on the northeastern border of the Republic of San Marino with the GammaStone Natural AIR façades in Vicenza stone differentiated through perforations, which reliefs to enrich the general vision of architecture. The facade cladding of the project has a slight diagonal slope aligned with hill around it.

The panels are anchored mechanically either with concealed or visible fixings allowing simple attachment to the substrate. The fixing structure’s resistance to wind load is greatly superior to any Technical requirement imposed by the current regulations even in climatic zones subjected to weathering extremes such as monsoons and hurricanes. GammaStone AIR is protected by patent.