Matera Railway Station   


Redesigned by the architect Stefano Boeri, the building renovation project through the aesthetic and functional redevelopment, as well as the technological and railway upgrading of the current Matera railway station. The city of the Sassi intends to restore greater visibility to the Matera FAL Central Station, an important urban “reference point”, adapted to the main urban and territorial function that the new service aspires to perform. The material used on GammaStone Natural Air panels is Pietra di Trani which is a local material. In the design the material is used from the bottom up to the top of the structure which shows a structure with local characteristics that rises in the center of the city.


GammaStone AIR sheets represent a cutting-edge solution that guarantees high performance standards and offers unparalleled aesthetic beauty. The GammaStone AIR system allows the designer to confidently specify large format panels. The delicate veins of the Trani stone are rendered with great precision and with a three-dimensionality capable of transmitting an extreme visual depth.